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Social Media Strategy

The assigned team will promote the clients' services through various social media platforms to boost engagement and clientele. The team will utilize the content that is created by the creative committee to keep the social media updated with continuous engagement and a fast growing audience. 


Create a social media calendar to organize all of the posts on each social media platform. Post content based on each social media platform's peak time. Post paid unique content that is tailored to the targeted audience. Create campaigns to increase traffic to the RC webpage. Paid ads will target FIU students looking for experience to take an interest in joining Roaring Concepts. Push ads throughout the United States to attract clients seeking assistance on their current challenges.


The assigned team will advertise on social media platforms created by Roaring Concepts on videos and posts about the client along with the brands from this and past semesters. Additionally, they will generate engaging content to gain a more extensive following and attract new business.

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Ausome Foundation

Warner Brother Music Group
- Latina


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