Thank you for your interest in AMA-FIU!

AMA is one of the most distinguished and recognized business organizations at FIU. A great part of our success is due to the diversity of our members and the variety of experiences they bring to our collective. Whether you are a business major, a biology student, or a future engineer, there is a place for you at FIU - a place where you can learn new skills, develop your talents, become a leader, or be part of a team.

Joining is easy, just...
  1. Download, fill, and print both pages of the AMA Spring 2019 Application.
  2. Attach a $70 (Recurring) or $75 (new) check or money order made payable to American Marketing Association at Florida International University OR pay with your credit/debit card
  3. Bring your completed form and payment to one of our general meetings (held every Wednesday).
  4. Receive your Welcome Packet, AMA shirt,  Official Membership Card, AMA Pin, and LinkedIn Headshot.

Membership Options

  • AMA Collegiate Membership  ($75) NEW
    Allows members to access the AMA-FIU experience, including but not limited to the following: general meetings, workshops, committee and RC participation, as well as social and special event access.

  • AMA South Florida Professional Chapter ($70)
    For an additional five dollars, participating members have the opportunity to access the AMA SFL network - great for rising seniors looking to connect with industry professionals in the South Florida area.

Download, fill,  print, and turn in the AMA FALL 2019 Application Form alongside payment at our next General Meeting!

Download Adobe Reader here


Professional Development:

One of the goals of our AMA-FIU chapter is to develop our members' professional development skills that are useful in any career. We hold weekly industry nights where guest speakers share success stories from their field and bi-weekly workshops for a more hands-on learning experience.


Often times, the connections you make can help open doors in your career. Our networking events and socials can help you meet people with your same interests and goals. Network with professional industry leaders, fellow members, or even a future mentor.

Hands-on Experience:

As a student run organization, our members are the reason behind our success. Put your creative skills to work and let your photos, videos, and stories shine on our website, blog, and social media. Also, be a member of our in-house marketing agency, Roaring Concepts, and work on real marketing projects for local businesses.


Unleash your potential and become a leader with AMA. Whether you decide to participate in one of our RC projects, become a member of a committee, or participate with us in a national competition, AMA will help inspire you to be the best that you can be!


As an official member of AMA, you will have free access to all our events (including general meetings, workshops, external events, committee participation and more). Also, you will have access to exclusive career and internship opportunities as well as National AMA content.

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